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Pinfish Traps

Reel Texas Outdoors manufactures some of the best-catching and most durable pinfish traps on the market today. Our traps are handmade here in Texas and built to last as premium materials are used in the construction process. 

We offer a variety of models, from traps that fold up flat to save space, to large pro or guide-level traps that will hold an absolute ton of pinfish. Whether you are looking for a small or large trap, we've got a trap that fits your style.... and it will catch the pinfish!

Construction of Our Pinfish Traps

Most of our traps are made from a very sturdy (16 gauge) PVC-coated (bonded) welded wire, however, we also manufacture some traps out of galvanized welded wire as well. Regular PVC-coated wire that's used on most traps on the market is simply dipped to protect the wire. Our coated wire is specially ordered and goes through a bonding process where the coating is "glued" to the wire making it much more durable than regular coated wire. Additionally, all our fasteners are either stainless steel or aluminum to prevent rusting. 

Which Style of Trap Do I Need?

Our traps come in a variety of styles, and this can often lead to confusion for a newer angler. To make selecting your pinfish trap easier, we recommend using the following criteria to make your decision:

1) Space Allotment
This may be the most important factor when selecting a trap. If space is no issue at all, then we recommend looking at our regular or full-sized pinfish traps, which are approximately 1 ft x 1 ft x 11 inches in size. The best-selling models in this size range are the cloverleaf trap and the z-style trap, but both are also offered in a galvanized wire. These are tried and true "heavy hitters" regarding catching pinfish. Plainly stated, these traps will get the job done! 

If size is of great importance to you, we recommend checking out the rectangle trap, which is more compact than the two mentioned above, but still large enough to get the job done. If the rectangle trap is still too large, then you must check out the collapsible/folding fish trap. This trap folds up to about 2 inches in thickness and makes storage a breeze!

2) Amount of Bait Needed
This one may be common sense to most folks, but larger pinfish traps can hold more pinfish. If you're a pro-level angler, such as a tournament angler or fishing guide, then it may benefit you to have a larger trap that will be able to hold more bait. If this is the case, then check out the 18" tall versions of both the cloverleaf trap and the z-trap for pinfish. Both of these traps are fantastic but be warned that they can be cumbersome to deal with. If you don't require just a ton of pinfish, then you may consider a smaller or regular-sized trap. Please don't think that smaller traps won't catch a lot of bait. They absolutely can. Just scroll down the page a bit to check out the image of our rectangle trap loaded with pinfish! 

3) Desired Longevity 
This factor may sound out of place as we all want the products we buy and use to last for as long as possible. However, hear me out on this one. When you are putting metal objects into salt water, they are going to eventually degrade over time. How quickly this happens is dependent upon the materials used. 

As mentioned above, our PVC-coated welded wire is top-notch and will last a long time when the trap is cared for. However, it should be mentioned that some anglers prefer the galvanized wire versions of the traps as they believe the galvanized pinfish traps catch better due to the wire being "shinier" in the water. We have seen this same occurrence in fresh-water traps as well, so there is certainly some aspect of truth to it. 

Long story short on this one... if you want a great trap that will catch a ton of pinfish, and you want it to last for a long time, then go with any pinfish trap made from our PVC-coated wire. They are all excellent traps and made with high-quality materials. If you want the overall best catching trap and don't care if it breaks down and will need to be replaced sooner, then go with the galvanized wire versions of the trap. If cared for and rinsed with fresh water after each use, the galvanized models can still last you a good while as well, but they're simply not going to hold up to harsh saltwater conditions as well as the PVC-coated wire. 

Video: Galvanized Wire Pinfish Traps

Why Invest In a Trap?

Our pinfish traps are constructed with the angler in mind. An investment in one of our traps will save you both time and money as you will no longer need to purchase bait. You won't go wrong with any of the traps shown below as they are made with the highest quality materials available and will last years if properly taken care of. Not to mention... they CATCH THE PINFISH! 

What Customers Say About Our Traps

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