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Fish Cages - Fish Holding Pens - Fish Baskets

Fish Holding Pens - Fish Baskets - Fish Holding Baskets - Fish Holding Cages - Floating Fish Baskets - Floating Fish Cages - Live Bait Pens..... these things have a lot of different names. =) 

Simply put, our fish-holding cages are designed to keep your bait or catch alive longer. Our customers use these to store just about anything you can think of. From Crappie and Catfish to Musky, anglers across the nation have used our pens to store their catch for later. We've even sent them as far north as Barrow, Alaska. =) 

The fish holding cages are durable (made from 16 gauge welded wire) and will protect your catch from predators until you're ready to clean them. If you do not have a live-well, then you know the difficulty of using a stringer to hold a lot of fish. These holding pens look great floating off the end of a dock, and will act as a live well or as a bait container…whichever fits your needs best.

Common Uses:

  • Holding your catch to clean at a later time. 
  • Adding this to your boathouse or dock to store fish for later. 
  • Protecting your fish from predators like turtles, racoons, otters, etc. 
  • Protecting expensive Koi from predators. 
  • Pong Management - used for culling fish.
  • Raising oysters or clams. 

Customer Feedback:

Our customers absolutely ROCK! Just check out some of the feedback we've been left on our traps. 

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