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The ABSOLUTE BEST BAIT in the water is what's already there!

Sure, artificial baits do work... but it's not near as effective as live bait will be. If you doubt this... just ask why live bait is illegal in almost all bass fishing tournaments? It's considered to be cheating!  
The fact is... live bait works best, and the best live bait for your body of water will be what's already in the water. That's what the fish are already used to eating.  
The bad part about this is that you will have to catch this live bait. There are lots of ways to do it... ranging from throwing a cast net, seining, hand fishing, or trapping. By far, the easiest and most efficient way to get the bait is trapping (if legal in your area).
Trapping is where Reel Texas Outdoors excels... 
Reel Texas Outdoors manufactures some of the best bait fish traps money can buy. Using tools of the trade, all of our fish traps are hand made here in Nacogdoches, Texas. The quality of our products is unmatched, and our traps perform amazingly. 

Here are just a few of the traps we offer. Please click an image below to learn more.

PVC Cloverleaf Style Bait Fish Trap (Perch, Bream, Pinfish)
**Perfect for Saltwater**
PVC Rectangle Bait Fish Trap
**Perfect for Saltwater**
Galvanized Cloverleaf Bait Fish Trap
**FULL of Bream!**
Heavy Duty Cloverleaf Trap
**Constructed of HEAVY GAUGE Wire**
The World Famous Z-Trap!
Video of Z-Trap: NO BAIT Required!

Don't just take our word for it though, just look at some of the feedback provided by our customers! 


Video a Customer Tagged Us In on Instagram:

I live on beautiful Lake Rousseau in north Florida. I am now 83 and finally a little to old to continue boating so I fish from our 30' pier in the lake. We catch Grinnels to 40", Catfish to 20 lbs, and several kinds of Gar incl. Alligator Gar. My favorite bait are Bream and I go through them pretty fast. I have used about every kind of trap with different success. About a year ago I bought one of your large Z traps From the first time I used it up to now, it has proved itself to be far better than any of my others. Baited with dog kibble, it will produce overnight some 25 to 50 Bream every time. This is a wonderful trap, you can't do better. Worth every penny.  ~George N.


(Text) Your trap worked amazing. Prob caught 60-80 fish in 2 days. Feel free to use my video as a promo and my name "Bryan - Oklahoma." Thanks again! ~Bryan S. 
These traps are top-notch and the customer service when I purchased my first one was outstanding! ~Jarrod N. 
A few years ago, you custom made me a holding pen a size you had never made before. I sure have been pleased with it. Very well made and I highly recommend your product. I would love to win your bait trap. Thank you Mike!  ~Johnna M. 

Traps are working great man.  I've probably saved us 100 bucks in bait costs since I got them with minimal effort and without having to go throw the cast net.  Here is today's pull. Thanks!  ~Chris W.


This is on Fort Hood, TX in one of their many ponds. I got 25 really nice bluegills to go catfishing. This trap is really awesome.  ~Mark S. 


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