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Z-Bait Fish Trap - PREMIUM QUAILITY (Pinfish Trap, Perch Trap, Bream Trap)

Z-Bait Fish Trap - PREMIUM QUAILITY (Pinfish Trap, Perch Trap, Bream Trap)

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Z-Bait Fish Trap - (Pinfish Trap, Perch Trap, Bream Trap)


Now, this is a bait fish trap that many folks have asked to be built for a long time! This Z-style bait fish trap has been extremely popular on our site for about the past 5 years since we started building and selling them. Simply put... they CATCH the bait fish! Even without bait. It's wild! 

Whether you're trying to trap bream/perch, sunfish, bullhead, pollywog, or pinfish, this Z-style bait fish trap will put in the work and get the job done. You will no longer have to chase bait fish with a cast net or rod and reel... unless you just enjoy that sort of thing.  An investment in this trap will save you money, and more importantly, time. You'll have bait when you need it, which will put more fish in your freezer. 

Z-Trap Construction: Why It's Premium! 

As mentioned above, this trap has been highly requested. Folks love our regular Z-Trap that's made from the 1/2 x 1/2 inch (19 gauge) hardware cloth, but we were getting more and more requests for a heavier gauge trap that was still 1/2 x 1/2. After lots of searching, we found what we think is the perfect welded wire for these 1/2 x 1/2 inch bait fish traps. 

This premium z-style bait fish trap is constructed with 16 gauge (thick) welded wire that is 1/2 x 1/2 inch. This wire is an animal-cage quality wire that runs true to measurement. More importantly, it is galvanized AFTER the welding occurs, which helps it to be very resistant to rusting and breaking down. 

Galvanized After Welding - 16 Gauge

Additionally, this heavier gauge wire is extremely tough, which results in a fantastically durable bait fish trap. See the image below... try this with any other bait fish trap on the market and it will be smashed! That's a 240 lb man standing on top of a wire fish trap. Pretty crazy, huh?!?

DIMENSIONS: The dimensions are approximately 2 ft (length) x 2 ft (height) x 11 in (width), with two entry points per side (4 total) that are 3" tall x 1 " wide. This trap is legal on most public lakes, but be sure to check your local regulations before ordering. 

This trap comes ready to fish and all you have to do is throw it in the water... NO BAIT is required for sunfish, perch, or bream. Just check out the videos below! 

Additional Z-Style Bait Fish Trap Videos:

Z-Trap - Perch Trap In Action: No Bait! 

Z-Trap - Bait Fish Trap - Customer Submitted Video! 

***Note: This is the 18" Version of the Z-Trap, but you'll get the idea. This bait fish trap catches! 

Z-Trap - Bait Fish Trap - Another Customer Submitted Video! 

Z-Trap (PVC Coated though) - CATCHING the Bream!!! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Larry Gebhart
Well designed

Great trap!!

Thanks Larry! Glad you're enjoying your trap, sir. Appreciate the review!

Michael Smith
Best Z-Trap on the Market! `

This is a very high quality bait fish Z-trap.Excellent craftsmanship and premium materials... plus, it catches the dang fish! Highly recommended.


Love these traps! This is my second one!Customer service is great too! Will be ordering more!

Thanks Steve! Appreciate the kind words, sir. Glad you're liking your traps!