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Bait Fish Trap (Cloverleaf) - PREMIUM QUAILITY (Pinfish Trap, Perch Trap, Bream Trap) - Reel Texas Outdoors

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Premium Cloverleaf Bait Fish Trap

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This version of the world-famous cloverleaf trap is a bait fish trap that many folks have asked to be built for a long time! The cloverleaf perch trap, or bait fish trap as it can be used to catch so many various species of bait fish, has been a staple on the fishing scene for decades. My great-grandfather used this style of trap way back... it's been around forever because IT WORKS! 


This cloverleaf style of bait fish trap is great for bream or sunfish, perch, bullhead catfish, pollywogs, and pinfish (saltwater). We've even had customers catch eel and snakes in them. You can catch just about any species of baitfish that you'd like to catch because of the bait box in the center. It's easy to bait, which allows you to specifically target your species of bait fish. 

We've regularly had customers tell us they're paying upwards of $18-$25 per dozen on certain species of bait fish. Investing in a trap such as this could pay for itself in just a few fishing trips. More importantly, this trap will save you time... allowing for more of your time to be spent fishing instead of chasing bait. 

Bait Fish Trap Construction: Why It's Premium! 

The "regular" version of our cloverleaf bait fish trap is made from the 1/2 x 1/2 inch (19 gauge) hardware cloth. However, we've been getting a lot of requests for a heavier gauge trap that was still half-inch by half-inch, and I think we've finally got a product for the anglers who want the absolute highest quality trap on the market. 

This premium cloverleaf fish trap is constructed with 16 gauge (thick) welded wire that is 1/2 x 1/2 inch. This wire runs true to measurement because it's an animal-cage quality wire. It's accurate. However, more importantly, this wire has been galvanized AFTER the welding occurs, which makes it very resistant to rusting and breaking down. 

Galvanized After Welding - 16 Gauge

Also, this heavier gauged wire makes for an extremely sturdy and durable bait fish trap. For example, check out the image below. That's a heavy 240 pounds on top of this cloverleaf bait fish trap. I would only do this with one other trap, and that's the Premium Z-Trap which is also made from the same wire. This wire is ultra-durable! 

DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of this cloverleaf fish trap are approximately 2 ft (length) x 2 ft (height) x 11 in (width). This bait fish trap has TWO entry points per side or 8 total. This is different from our regular clover and PVC Coated Pinfish models. The entry points on this fish trap are approximately 3" (tall) by 1" (wide). This trap is legal on most public lakes, but of course, please be sure to check your local regulations before ordering. 

This trap comes ready to fish. All you have to do is drop your bait in the large 4" x 4" bait box located in the center of the trap, tie your trap off, and throw it in the water. That's it... very easy to use. 

Additional Bait Fish Trap (Cloverleaf) Videos:

Cloverleaf Bait Fish Trap: (Old Video)

 PVC Version of the Cloverleaf in Action: Pinfish Trapping!


Customer Submitted Image:

Cloverleaf bait fish trap that's LOADED with bream/sunfish.

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