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Pinfish Trap (Rectangle Style)

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This pinfish trap hits the sweet spot between effectiveness and size by offering great pinfish-catching performance in a smaller footprint. This trap is a must-have for serious and recreational anglers who are concerned with the size of a trap, but not wanting to negotiate on the ability to catch lots of pinfish or baitfish. 

With our rectangular-style trap, anglers do not have to choose between a smaller trap and catching a lot of bait. This trap offers the angler the best of both worlds... a fantastic trap that will CATCH the pinfish, but in a smaller package that won't take up a ton of space. 

Pinfish Trap Construction

Our traps are constructed with the highest quality materials possible. From the PVC-bonded (not just dipped) welded wire, and marine-grade bungee to the aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, this trap is built with longevity in mind. The 1/2" x 1" welded wire is PVC coated, which will prevent the trap from rusting in saltwater applications. We discuss our construction materials used in the video section below as well. Check it out!

Catching Other Species

We call this a pinfish trap, but the reality is that this fish trap does it all! It can be used as a Bream TrapPerch TrapPinfish TrapEel TrapBullhead TrapCrawfish Trap, or for pretty much any other baitfish you wish to use as  LIVE BAIT! You can target any species of bait fish that you'd like by simply switching the bait you're using. 

We use this trap for catching perch, bream or sunfish, crawfish, pinfish, bullheads, creek chubs, and just about any other baitfish species we wish to fish with! This trap is a perfect trap for both fresh and saltwater bait fish! The PVC COATING will prevent rusting in salt water applications.

Pinfish Trap Videos:

 Rectangle Trap Overview - Starts at 5:15 in the video


What's Included With This Trap?

This trap comes ready to catch bait fish!!! There are 2 doors on the trap: One for adding your bait into the bait holding tube (center of trap); and the other is at the bottom of the trap where you can easily dump the fish you catch out of the trap (see pics). All you have to do is: (1) put your bait in the trap with your preferred bait (shrimp, dog food, etc) (2) throw the trap and shallow water (3) tie the trap off and THAT’S IT!!! Very easy to use.

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