Collection: Bait Fish Traps

Reel Texas Outdoors offers some of the best bait fish traps money can buy. Using tools of the trade, all our bait fish traps are handmade here in East Texas using the highest-quality, durable materials. These traps are designed to last and deliver an exceptional catch rate every time you use them. 

Important Features of our Bait Fish Traps

  • High-Quality Materials: All our traps are constructed with either galvanized steel welded wire or PVC-coated welded wire coupled with both aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. We source high-quality materials to produce high-quality bait traps.
  • Effective Design: Our traps are designed by fishermen with decades and decades of fishing experience under our belts. Plainly, our designs will catch you more bream, sunfish, bluegill, pinfish, bullhead, or whatever species of bait fish you wish to catch. We've heard time and time again how our traps outperform competitor's traps. 
  • Easy to Use: Our traps come ready to go. Simply toss your bait inside the trap and toss the trap into the water. Easy as pie! FYI - some of our traps (Z-Trap) don't even require baiting. Just toss it in the water and it'll catch! 

baitfish perch traps

Lead Time For Our Handmade Bait Fish Traps

We are a small company... no need to pretend to be otherwise. Since all of our bait fish traps are handmade in-house, it takes time to process our orders. This is especially true in the Spring and Early Summer when ALL our inventory sells out. 

Lead time is always listed at the top of our site in the yellow notification bar but is typically around 3-8 business days. Rush shipment is an option, but will incur an additional fee on the order. If you are in a tight spot and need your trap very fast, please give us a call to discuss rush shipment. 

Unsure of Which Bait Trap to Get? 

Check out this blog post comparing the similarities and differences between the cloverleaf and z-style bait fish traps. This will help to provide some insight into which may be best for your needs. 

Customer Feedback:

Our customers are incredible and will regularly provide unsolicited feedback after using our traps. Just check out some of the messages we've received from customers who have used our bait fish traps and holding cages. 

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