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Bait Fish Traps

Reel Texas Outdoors offers some of the best bait fish traps money can buy. Using tools of the trade, all of our fish traps are hand made here in Nacogdoches, Texas. If properly taken care of, these bait traps will last you years to come! Let's face it…Live bait such as bream or sunfish, perch, minnows, creek chubs, croaker, pinfish, bullheads, or any other type of bait fish will outfish artificial and manufactured baits any day of the week! The great question is – Why do people use manufactured baits? The answer is easy – it’s convenient!!! Now, you can EASILY catch live bait without hassle, and more importantly…catch more fish! Whether you’re an experienced fisherman running trotlines and juglines, or you’re just learning how to catch catfish, or how to trap, we have the bait fish trap for you. Please check out our selections, and email us if you have any questions. 

baitfish perch traps


These baitfish traps are hand-made in Texas by our company. We take pride in every bait trap we build, and we stand by our products. We promise that you will not find one of these traps at any large retail store, and if you search for them online you will notice that traps of the same size retail between $69.99 – $99.99 plus shipping (or even more on some sites – depending on size). They are truly a steal here at this price…. 

Perch Trap cloverleaf bream trap


If you purchase a fish trap from us and have any issues at all with it, we will be glad to assist in any way possible. If you are completely unhappy with the baitfish trap, then upon its return we will be glad to issue you a refund. However, if you use the trap accordingly we guarantee you catch plenty of live bait for your fishing adventures. 

baitfish traps - perch traps

Lead Time:

We are a very small company... no need to pretend to be otherwise. Since all of our traps are hand made here in house, it simply takes us some time to process our orders. This is especially true in the Spring when literally ALL of our inventory sells out. 

Lead time is always listed at the top of our site in the yellow notification bar but is typically around 4-7 business days. Rush shipment is an option, and will typically run about $20 per order. If you are in a tight spot and need your trap very fast, please give us a call to discuss rush shipment. 

Customer Feedback:

Our customers absolutely ROCK! Just check out some of the feedback we've been left on our traps. 

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