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Are you an avid fisherman and outdoorsman looking to stay up to speed with the latest (and time tested) tactics that will put more fish in your boat and in your freezer? 

At Reel Texas Outdoors, we believe that time is our most precious rescource and we aim to provide tips and strategies in our newsletter that will save you time and money. 

So, what can you expect when joining our newsletter? 

1. Pro-Level Tips and Tricks

We do our absolute best to bring you content that matters. The bottom line is to help you save time, money, and put more fish in your freezer. We will regularly send out tips and strategies that will help you accomplish this goal. 

2. Product Recommendations 

 From time to time, we will recommend certain products and send out updates to our own products. These can be trap demo videos, trapping supplies, fishing supplies, and much more. These recommendations will come likely in the form of a video imbedded into the Reel Texas Outdoors Newsletter. 

3. Exclusive Discounts

 We always offer our loyal subsribers discounts to our products first. If you watch our page for a while, you will see that we very rarely run a site-wide sale on our baitfish traps. I think the past sale we did was well over a year ago at this point.

In total transparency, this is mainly due to the fact that we are a small family operation and build our products by hand. Our traps have grown in popularity over the past years, and we typically stay pretty slammed with orders (ex - see the lead bar notification across the top of our site). It simply takes time to build a trap and build it well. 

With all of that said, our loyal customer base and subscribers are the first to know about our sales and discounts. If you're interested in discounted traps, get signed up! 

4. Exclusive Content

 From time to time we will have subscriber only content. This may include PDF's and guides centered around trapping, fishing, etc. Actually, if you get signed up then the very first email you will receive from us is a Catfish Pro-Checklist that outlines the 9 things that you must be doing in order to put larger (and more) catfish in your boat. 

If this type of content is your thing, it only comes through our Newsletter. Better get signed up!