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Multi-Purpose Trap - Crawfish, Bream, Sunfish, Perch Trap - Reel Texas Outdoors

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Multi-Purpose Trap - Crawfish, Bream, Sunfish, Perch Trap

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This is multi-purpose trap that is especially useful for bream, sunfish, perch, creek chubs, bullhead, and crawfish. The design of this crawfish trap / bait fish trap helps it to be effective in catching both crawfish and bait fish by simply flipping the trap on its side.  

The dimensions on this crawfish / bait fish trap have changed a little from the image listed below. They are now: 11 in x 11 in x 24 in. 

crawfish baitfish trap


This combo baitfish-crawfish trap has four total entry points (2 on each side). The entry points are 1 in by 3 inches each, so this trap will legal on most public lakes. 

This trap also has a large exit door where you can easily pour out your catch. 

Check out a short YouTube video explaining this Multi-purpose Baitfish - Crawfish Trap:


This bait fish trap comes ready to catch live bait!!! There are 2 doors on the trap: One for adding your bait into the bait holding tube (center of trap); and the other is at the bottom of the trap where you can easily dump the fish you catch out of the trap. 

All you have to do is: (1) put your bait in the trap (bread / dog food / etc) (2) throw the trap and shallow water (3) tie the trap off and THAT’S IT!!! Very easy to use.

Questions about this trap? Contact me at mike@reeltexasoutdoors.com

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