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Crab Holding Cage - Lobster Holding Pen - Medium Fish Holding Cage

Crab Holding Cage - Lobster Holding Pen - Medium Fish Holding Cage

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We're calling this the "Crab Holding Cage - Lobster Holding Pen - Medium Fish Holding Cage" but really, you can use it to pretty much hold anything you want. 


DIMENSIONS:  24''(length) x 18'' (width) x 18'' (height)

This floating crab holding cage - lobster pen - fish basket is excellent for keeping a bunch of crabs, lobster, or baitfish alive and healthy until you're ready to use or harvest them. This holding pen would also be good to keep smaller amounts of fish, such as catfish, crappie, etc until you're ready to clean them as well. This large fish basket will allow for plenty of swimming room for your catch.

This fish basket/fish cage is constructed with 1/2 in. by 1 in. PVC-coated welded wire. This is a cage-quality wire with bonded plastic (see info in the video below). It's crimped together using either aluminum or stainless steel hog rings to keep the structure together tightly. This fish cage - lobster holding pen - crab holding cage will last you a long time if it is taken care of properly and should not rust.

Crab Holding Cage - Lobster Holding Pen Walkthrough Video:

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Unlike our larger holding cages, this holding cage ships FULLY ASSEMBLED! Due to its size, we are able to fully assemble it here and ship it at a reasonable cost. All you will need to do is take the crab holding pen - fish cage - out of the box, tie it off with whatever rope you prefer and toss it in the water. You're good to go! 

If you have any questions about what is included in this package, please email or call before purchasing. 

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