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Bait Pen - Live Bait Pen (Floating)

Bait Pen - Live Bait Pen (Floating)

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Stop wasting money on buying fresh bait each time you go fishing. Our small bait pen, or floating live bait pen, is the perfect solution for keeping your bait fish alive and fresh. Designed for anglers who demand quality and reliability, this floating bait pen is a game-changer for your fishing trips. It will save your bait... which saves you money! 

Bait Pen Description and Dimensions:

  • 16" (length) x 14" (width) x 11" (height)
  • Constructed with the highest quality 16-gauge PVC-coated welded wire and stainless steel rings. 
  • A large 8" x 10" door makes removing bait from the floating pen easy. 
  • NOTE: The current 2024 design used BLACK foam noodles (instead of yellow or red). This helps to "hide" your bait pen and keep honest folks honest. 

Why Choose Our Floating Live Bait Pen?

  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials that withstand harsh environments, ensuring longevity and reliability. Our heavier 16-gauge welded wire prevents escape and protects your fish from predators while the bait pen is in use. This is a great advantage over lighter wire and net products. 
  • Bonded Welded Wire: Our wire is "bonded" which means that the PVC coating on the bait pen is actually "glued" to the wire and not just dipped. This greatly improves the longevity of our pen. 
  • Floating Design: Easily accessible and visible, keeping your bait and catch within reach at all times.
  • Optimal Water Flow: The 1/2" x 1" inch welded wire is designed to provide great water circulation, keeping your live bait healthy and cool in warm temps. 
  • Easy to Use: Simple setup and lightweight design make it effortless to transport and deploy. Just toss it in the water and toss your bait inside. 
  • Compact Size: Perfect for small boats, docks, and shore fishing, providing versatility in any fishing scenario. You can pretty much use it anywhere you'd like. It's not so cumbersome that you will not want to take it along on your fishing trips. 
  • Marine Grade Bungee: We use the same marine grade bungee that is used on crab traps to secure the door on this bait pen. This bungee will last! 
  • UV Resistant: Maintains integrity and durability even under prolonged sun exposure. You're not going to melt the PVC coating on the wire by exposing it to the sun. 

Video of Our Floating Live Bait Pen:


Your shipment will include an assembled floating box. All you will have to do is unpack it and use it! 

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