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PERCH TRAP (Cloverleaf) - Used for Bream/Perch, Pinfish, and Crawfish.

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PERCH TRAP (Cloverleaf) - Used for Bream/Perch, Pinfish, and Crawfish.

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Bream Trap – Perch Trap – Pinfish Trap – Eel Trap


Please Note: We are now offering a PREMIUM quality 1/2 x 1/2 inch Cloverleaf trap. If you want a trap in the 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire, but that is more durable than the hardware cloth, check out our PREMIUM Quality Clover (linked below). 


  • Large - 23 in x 23 in x 11.5 in
  • Medium - 23 in x 23 in x 8 in
Have you tried out manufactured and artificial baits on your body of water without much luck? Well, if you’re wondering how to catch catfish or any other game fish then you’re looking at the right page! This bait fish trap does it all! It can be used as a Bream TrapPerch TrapPinfish TrapEel TrapBullhead TrapCrawfish Trap, or for pretty much any other bait fish you wish to use as  LIVE BAIT!

Like everything else…the cost of good live bait has gone up over the past few years. Bait Fish traps such as this one allow fishermen to catch their own bait, save money, and more importantly – catch more fish. The 4-leaf clover variety of traps has been a staple bait fish trap for decades. This is a tried and true design that will catch the bait fish. More bluntly, they’ll catch the bait you need for a successful trip!!!

Made of  19 gauge, 1/2 in x 1/2 in GALVANIZED mesh with aluminum hog rings. – This trap is RUST-RESISTANT! 

To see videos of this Bream Trap – Perch Trap – Pinfish Trap – Eel Trap in action- click the YouTube links below:

Video 1 – This is a super old video.. please forgive the quality. We will get it updated soon. 

Video 2 – Construction



This bait fish trap comes ready to catch live bait!!! There are 2 doors on the trap: One for adding your bait into the bait holding tube (center of trap); and the other is at the bottom of the trap where you can easily dump the fish you catch out of the trap.The trap itself is made of 1/2 in. hardware cloth. It is galvanized, and Rust Resistant! 

All you have to do is: (1) put your bait in the trap (bread / dog food / etc) (2) throw the trap and shallow water (3) tie the trap off and THAT’S IT!!! Very easy to use.


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