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8'' Bass/Pike/Muskie Swimbait Lure

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8'' Bass/Pike/Muskie Swimbait Lure

$12.99 $17.99

This unique 5" multi-jointed hard bait will become one of the best accessories in your tackle box. Its life-like appearance and swimming action is guaranteed to get you more bites while on the water. Compare our price to the prices of similar lures, and you'll quickly see why this is a great "catch!"


  • 8" 8-segment fishing lure.
  • 2 strong and sharp treble hooks.
  • 3D lifelike eyes.
  • High resolution body detail.
  • Smooth and rapid diving action.
  • Life-like swimming actions in water to provoke predator to bite.
  • Durable ABS material contributing to long service life.
  • Specially for large bass, pike, and muskie

Material: ABS
Length: Approx. 20cm / 8in
Weight: Approx. 66g / 2.3oz
Package size: 26 * 8 * 3cm / 10.2 * 3.1 * 1.2in
Package weight: 82g / 2.9oz

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