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Pinfish Trap - Oversized Clover Bait Fish Trap - Reel Texas Outdoors

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Pinfish Trap - Oversized Clover Bait Fish Trap

130.00 150.00

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 24 in. (length) x 24 in. (height) x 18 in. (width)

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This is a premium quality pinfish trap that is built with 1/2 in by 1 in PVC Coated wire mesh. This PVC coating makes it perfect for salt water applications as it will protect the wire from salt and help to prevent rusting. 

Although recommended for salt water applications, this bait fish trap can also be used in lakes, ponds, rivers, etc without issue. You can easily catch bait fish species other than pinfish in this trap. For example, bream/sunfish, mudcats, perch, even eel, can all be caught in this bait fish trap if the correct bait is used.

The dimensions of this pinfish trap are approximately 2' x 2' x 18'' with a 2'' x 3'' bait compartment in the center of the trap. Please see the dimensional images below of this pinfish trap:

This pinfish trap also has 2 entry points per side, for a total of 8 places bait fish can enter the trap. It's designed to catch bait VERY quickly so that you can get on with your day and start catching fish. 


You can check out a video of this pinfish trap below: 



WHAT IS INCLUDED: This pinfish trap comes ready to catch live bait!!! There are 2 doors on the trap: One for adding your bait into the bait holding tube (center of trap); and the other is at the bottom of the trap where you can easily dump the fish you catch out of the trap. The fish trap itself is made of 1 in by 1/2 in. hardware cloth. It is PVC COATED, and will not rust. 

 All you have to do is: (1) put your bait in the trap (bread / dog food / etc) (2) throw the trap and shallow water (3) tie the trap off and THAT’S IT!!! Very easy to use.


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